Sunday, August 13, 2017

2017 update

Welcome to 2017!  This is my first attempt at doing this from a phone...  amazing!

Anyway, here are some paintings, uncatagorized:  All are acrylic on canvas, 16 by 20. I'll try to get more up, but this did not work from my phone, so I had to switch to my fancy new surface, but I took the photos on my phone, so there were steps.  Yeesh.

"fire on the labrador" - David Blackwood copy

Ted Harrison:  From the cremation of Sam McGee. (yes, again.  I love that book.)  Probably not for sale, though make me an offer.

Georgia O'Keefe flower - copy

Roy Henry Vickers.  definitely not for sale.

Group of seven, it's Georgian Bay.

More Ted Harrison!  At this point I have painted ALL of The cremation of Sam McGee.

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