Friday, July 20, 2012

Free Paintings? Sounds to good to be true!

It isn't.  Here's the story.  (You can also scroll down and read in Introduction).  I do love painting, it's a fabulous hobby.  Over the past several years, I've taken a weekly art class, and actually made quite a few paintings.  Way too many to hang up in my own house.
The problem is, I never know who actually secretly WANTS a painting as a gift, and who is complementing my work, because my house is full of it, and I clearly did it all.  So, if you are a friend of mine, leave me a comment, send me an email, whatever, and tell me if you want anything.
They are free - unless you feel like giving me money, which is also totally cool.  Unnecessary, but fine.  You can always owe me a beer / dinner / place to stay if I ever come to visit.  I make no promises....  I took the pictures, and posted them a bit later, so I may be wrong on sizes.  Also, if there's a huge rush on a painting, everyone can't win...  but I can try and make another.
Some are my personal favourites, and I'm including them here because I love them, adn this way I can show off my work.

So, without any further adieu, please browse at your leisure!

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